Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shhhhhh I've Got A Secret

Trust me, you want to know about this one girls. Flirty Little Secret from Booty Parlor is just that. You guys remember Booty Parlor right? They cater to the fun and adventurous adult spirit with flavored lip glosses, scented bubble bath and other goodies. I am a sucker for a good body cream but one that does more than moisturizes is high up on my list. The secret to this cream is a firming complex packed with pheromones.

Flirty Little Secret's firming agents work together to gently firm and tighten. If used daily you will start to see results in just a few weeks. Its packed with wheat proteins and collagen booster for instant tightening. Its also packed with Pheromones for a sexy edge that will pull in the opposite sex. There is no heavy scent, no perfumy fragrance so its the perfect base for any perfume you might care to spritz on. I don't know how they do it, but it does create quite a positive response.

In addition, Flirty Little Secret looks amazing on, its got a light shimmer that makes your skin glow. Its perfect for a night out or of course a night in. Its a great addition to your daily ritual. You moisturize, you glow, you attract and you firm. Come on, you know its worth a try.

Get that Flirty Little Secret and turn a few heads before summer is upon us. So be one of the first in line, you can get it online at Booty Parlor's website and on Victoria's Secret's website April 28th. It retails for $32 and its worth every penny if you ask me. Remember some of the stuff on their website is NSFW so I suggest checking them out from home.