Friday, April 20, 2007

Dark Circles, Wrinkles and Lines...Oh My!

Like a lot of my other buddies in the beauty business, I find it difficult sometimes to review facial creams and serums. While I don't have particularly sensitive skin, I do break out very easily. The wrong combination of oils or too thick a cream will send my skin into a fit, and I really don't need that. Once you find the right combination for your skin type its difficult to branch out.

I have noticed however that my skin has different needs these days. Its a little drier than it used to be, and though I hate to admit it, I fear that wrinkles may creep up on me if I am not proactive about it. I decided recently to try out a wrinkle cream. You guys may have read my review of another cream that was fabulous but way out of my price range. I don't think they should have to cost a fortune to work so that's why I was so glad when I found Structura M3 Facial Renewal Complex.

Created to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, Structura M3 Facial Renewal Complex packs all the punch of a pricey wrinkle cream. The same clinical ingredients found in those other creams can be obtained in one tube of $29.99 Structura M3. I have been using it lately and I really like the results. It imparts ample moisture, it does seem to reduce the appearance of those little frown lines across my forehead. I spend a lot of time frowning at a calculator.

I also really like that it didn't break me out. Its not heavy or greasy and it absorbs into the skin completely. I don't use it everyday because I really don't think my skin needs that much wrinkle cream yet and I never know if one day my face will stage some sort of protest and break out from over use. It is nice to know that its there though, and that it works, and its only costs a fraction of what the high priced brands cost.


alisa said...

This sounds like something I definitely need to try.

Gisele said...

This is an interesting product to keep in mind because I too have a tendency of breaking out easily and I’m always looking for products that won’t give me a bad case of adult acne!