Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Smooth Summer

Ladies you know its going to be summer soon (though not evident by the weird weather we are having) and that means its going to be skirt, shorts and capri weather. This also means its time for that all important hair removal ritual. If you are anything like me you love the look and feel of smooth beautiful legs, but you hate the smell of depilatory creams and the pain of waxing and shaving.

I am always looking for something to make my life a little easier, so I am please to report on a product that does just that. Carefree, a name that we have trusted for decades has launched its new line of hair removal products. They are changing the way that women look at home hair removal.

Carefree's Face & Bikini Total Wax Strip Kit is new and innovative. Gone are the days of old fashioned wax strips that gripped too tightly or didn't stick at all. Carefree's strips include a bottle of soothing pre-wax lotion with Lidocane. The lotion prepares the area for waxing by removing oils that prevent proper adhesion. It also soothes the area with a gentle pain reliever. The result is smooth, irritation free skin. They also went a step further by including after wax soothing towelettes.

For smooth beautiful legs try out Carefree's Totally Smooth Leg Creme with bladefree razor. It doesn't smell strong and glides on quick with its built in sponge tip applicator. The bladefree razor removes even the shortest hairs in just three minutes. You just rinse pat dry and you have soft smooth beautiful legs.

They also have the greatest daily moisturizer for keeping those beautiful gams hair free. Their Totally Smooth Daily Moisturizer keeps your legs soft with soy, aloe and vitamin E while it minimizes the appearance of unwanted hair. Used daily, hair grows back finer and that's what we all want really. I love any product that keeps me from doing more work and be honest this hair removal thing is work ladies.

Look for Carefree's new hair removal products in your local drug and, grocery retailers and hurry up before the weather breaks and you find yourself without it!


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