Saturday, December 23, 2006

Product Booty

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to try out a few beauty products from a line called Booty Parlor. Yes I know what you are thinking and well...yeah you are sort of right. Booty parlor caters to the fun and adventurous adult spirit with flavored lip glosses and scented bubble bath. Some of the stuff on their website is NSFW so I suggest checking them out from home.

There are some other items that they feature, but this is 99 Products, and as you all know I do the cosmetics thing. I will leave the other stuff to you ladies to test out. They have a serious list of celebrity clientelle, write ups in Cosmo and their products are even being sold in select Victoria's Secret's across the country.

First, lets just talk about presentation. Va Va Voom what a sassy sexy way to get a gal's attention. The products came in a pretty box lined with a pink feather boa which was very Sashay Shante'! Their "I'm So Sexy Lip Gloss" came in little boxes with names like "Cinnamon Shine" a sultry sparkly red, and "Peppermint Pink" an irresistable pink. Both tingle for a sexy lip plumping pout and have shine to spare. They both taste amazing and I am sure your sweetie will think so too.

They also included their "Dust Up" powder which provides a shimmery finish on your skin which as we all know looks great during an evening out or an evening in with your honey. Both of the powders I tested not only looked amazing but they smelled incredible. The "Cruisin for a Bronzin Cinnamon Sugar" powder was my favorite. It smelled so heavenly I wanted to eat it right out of its cute little package. I also tested out their "Don't Call Me Honey" Dust Up powder as well.

There was also a tuberose scented bottle of "Naughty Bubbles" bubble bath and some "Dont Stop" massage oil that I have not had the opportunity to test out but I will when the opportunity presents itself. Booty Parlor's Body Treats are perfect for a fun and sexy evening in with the one you love, and couldnt we all use that as the temperature drops?