Saturday, February 02, 2008

Moisture Maximum

Oh I am so sorry for being missing in action for so long! I was without internet access for what seemed like an eternity. But you folks dont want to hear about that do you? No, you want to hear all about the wonderful goodies that I have been trying and using and loving over the past few months right?

Well first, let me tell you that its been so extra cold here on the east coast, and without a few wonderful products I possibly wouldnt have made it this far. Everyone knows that its important to moisturize, but that isnt just for your lovely faces. I have had my share of moisturizers for face and body over the years but very few have been able to effectivly do the job. Either they are way too heavy and wind up breaking me out, or they are too thin and I feel dry and cracked before I can get out of the house. We all know that well moisturized skin can keep foundation flawless and perfect for hours so let me tell you about a few that I love in several different price ranges.
First, for my oil-free and sensitive skin ladies who are prone to breakouts I highly reccomend Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15. Its what I have used for years and it has SPF 15 which we all need whether its summer or winter to protect our skin. It hydrates and absorbs clean, without clogging pores and causing any winter skin trauma. You can purchase it from your favorite drugstore or for $10.99.

Also, for a great low cost alternative, you should also try out ProActive Solution Oil Free Moisture. Its a very light weight soft and clean formula that coupled with the Proactive family of products will keep away those pesky blemishes that we always worry about. My skin is always soft and healthy feeling when I use it and my makeup goes on perfectly over it. Its never oily and never sticky feeling. You can purchase it from Proactiv's website or even in the mall. They now have kiosks everywhere but prices may vary of course. You can also purchase it directly from QVC for $27.00.

On the higher end of the scale is MAC's new MoistureLush cream. Talk about lush, this silky smooth hydrating cream creates an amazing barrier against the elements. Its not heavy or thick but it feels amazing and softens skin all day long. It primes, hydrates and in combination with Mousturelush eyecream, lifts, firms and rejuvinates. You can use them day or night for wonderfully soft and beautiful skin. You can get both now at your local MAC store or online. MAC Moisturelush Cream retails for $30.00 and MoistureLush Eye Cream retails for $$28.50.

Last but certianly not least is Elizabeth Arden's new Prevage anti aging night cream which not only hydrates but its night-time formula with has a time released blend of high performance moisturizers to infuse skin and boost skin's repair process. This stuff is absolutly on the high end of the moisturizer scale at $125.00 retail, but I know that some of you wont bat an eyelash at the price. I was very plesantly surprised by the results that I achieved in two weeks of use. I havent had great luck with night creams and have in the past tried to avoid using them to to how greasy and heavy some of them have been, but this one is very light and I didnt wake up itchy, flaky or broken out. I do have to alert you to the fact that this is a cream you need to do an allergy test on, so please do so like the package suggests. You can buy Prevage on Elizabeth Arden's website or at your Elizabeth Arden counter.

Stay soft, stay pretty and always moisturize!

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Welcome back! I second your recommendation on the Cetaphil!

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