Monday, August 27, 2007

The MAC Backstory

I know you hear me talk about MAC products a lot, and of course today's post is no exception. I have to give you a little background to appreciate why I spend so much time going on and on about MAC.

There was a time in the mid ninety's when you dear blogger buddy Avin wore no makeup. I know its hard to believe but I was seriously cosmetically challenged. Not because I didn't think that cosmetics were beautiful, it was simply because I could never seem to find the right shade to compliment my skin tone. I spent previous years with drugstore foundations that were too goopy, too cakey and either too orange or pink to pass as beautiful healthy skin. It wasn't until 2001 when I decided to try again.

One day, completely on a whim, I was drawn over to the MAC counter. I had a fabulous party to attend, and not a stitch of makeup to make my look come alive. I had toyed with the idea of purchasing products from MAC, but I must admit that I was just plain intimidated by the idea of another too pink or too orange shade. I guess I lingered a little too long because one of the artists Evelyn came over and asked if I needed help. I didn't want to explain my predicament, and I also didn't want to leave looking like a drag queen. She was so unbelievably nice, and so helpful that not only did I find the right shade, but I found makeup again. Since then, Evelyn has been my ultimate go to MAC artist, and whenever I want to try out a new line, or just ask a question she has been there.

My purse now overflows with MAC cosmetics of all types. I am devoted to their brushes and there has never been a foundation or powder that matches as flawlessly or completely as the ones I use from MAC. Its a love affair honestly, and I am hopelessly devoted. So when you see me reviewing something from MAC, please know that its from the heart and if I feel like one of their products isn't super fabulous then you will know it. If I wouldn't use it, I sure wouldn't tell you to go out and spend your cash on it.

With that said, look for an amazing write up on the new MAC In 3D and Painterly collections this week. I actually had the opportunity to test them both out on probably the toughest endurance challenge of best friend's wedding. We are talking 4 bridesmaids, 1 skeptical matron of honor, a hostess, the mother and the bride herself. 8 hours of photos, hugs, kisses, tears, speeches, dinner, drinks, chapels and dancing. I will make you a believer and I have the photos to prove it.


karen, said...

I fell in love with MAC in the 90s too. All it took was one tube of Paramount Lipstick and it was all downhill from there. Can't wait for your Painterly review!

BTW, what's your favorite MAC product?

IxLovexMAC said...

This has to be the most beautiful description of MAC. *sniffles* wow!!! I have been addicted to MAC since 2004, and im sad that I wasnt before.. Their products are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Karen - Paramount is/was one of my favorites of all time!!

Sis - thank for sharing what sparked your love/addiction to MAC. xoxo

Christine said...

I'm in the beginning of my love for MAC, and I have to say that I'm definitely smitten!

This is your tag for the BBN's favorite links project, here's a link to my post about the project, simply add your links to non-BBN beauty blogs and tag the next BBN blogger on the list!

Christine, said...

Surprisingly, I didn't begin my love afair until about two years ago. How scary!