Friday, August 24, 2007

Fresh And Flirty

I am all about convenience these days since I always seem to be on the go. I am one of those strange folks that has difficulty leaving the house without my "face" on, so you just might see me digging through my purse for any number of cosmetics. The ones I seem to have the most trouble locating are my shadows. I hate digging around trying to find my brush and god forbid I want to use more than one color on the go. It seems I can never locate what I need when I need it.

That is exactly why I am telling you about Flirt! and their new limited edition Vanessa Manillo Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow Palette. Now, you've heard me sing the praises of Flirt! Cosmetics before. I use their Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lip Gloss all the time. I love that they are just so compact and on the go. That's part of the reason I love the Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes too. It is so convenient, compact and beautiful I just couldn't resist. The shadows come in a four color palette that is tucked neatly into a sleek black slide out case. Inside is a fold out mirror and a wand for easy application. The wand has a brush on one side and a eyeshadow sponge on the other so that no matter how you want to apply, you've got it covered.

There are two soft color palettes, Party Purple and Chic Bronze. I tried out Party Purple last week for a night out with the girls and I loved how smokey and beautiful my eyes were. Of course I marched right up to Kohl's last weekend and purchased the other palette, which I have been wearing for a subtle work look all this week. I love that I can use them for a great dramatic look or a soft day time glow. I also love the price at $15 (by the way its on sale at for $13.50) because I don't hurt my wallet looking cute.

You can find both of these Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes at your local Kohl's department store or online at Remember they are Limited Edition so they wont be around for long, and they are a great way to get noticed.