Monday, August 06, 2007

Light Bright

I had the opportunity to test Rimmel London's new Light Beam Lip Gloss. If you dont know already, Rimmel has figured out how to incorporate a tiny beam of light into the cap of their beautiful lip glosses which takes all the guess work out of dim or dark environment application. The light beam is perfectly situated, so it illuminates your lips in even the darkest place.

I of course am guilty of trying to apply my lipgloss in the car at night. My boyfriend hates this of course, because I have to turn on the overhead light. Driving with the overhead light is never fun, so on our last evening out, I decided to test out the Light Beam Lip Gloss. I pressed the button on the cap, and started applying. The boyfriend, who is typically not interested in anything beauty related, commented that it was a very smart idea. I would bet it was because he didnt have to endure the blinding overhead light. He wasnt blinded and my lips were flawless which means everyone wins.

So you are thinking, well that's just great but how will I know where I am putting the gloss? Not to worry, there is a tiny lip mirror on the side of the lipgloss (which I personally think is a must have for all lip products) so that you can see how to apply it perfectly.

You know how much I love beauty products that make life just a little easier. Also, because Rimmel Light Beam Lip Gloss comes in six fabulously sheer shades, you'll have no problem picking one (or more) that you love. In the Mix is a pale pink, After Hours a beautiful cherry red, Spotlight a shimmery pale purple, In the Limelight a soft gold, Disco Ball which is clear with silver shimmer and Strobe Light a metallic silver.

Each shade goes on smooth and silky without the sticky texture some glosses leave behind. I also didnt have to apply it very often, (even though I wanted to play with the light and the mirror) and it smelled and tasted great.

Its a steal at $10.99 and you can pick it up at your local ULTA on line or in the store.

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