Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Foot Therapy 101

Maybe you ladies have time to go to the nail shop and get a cute little Mani and Pedi every week. If so, I envy you terribly and if not then have I got a product line for you.

Lamisilk has a new line of products just for those ladies who can’t always have a weekly pedicure. You want cute feet, especially during the summer months so you can wear all of the sexy sandals and strappy footwear your little heart desires without worrying about dry rough heels and toes. Lets not sugar coat it ladies, if you neglect those toes you will pay later.

I am sad to admit that last week I was about a week off from my pedicure visit, but instead of panicking I reached for my Lamisilk 3 Step Intensive Foot therapy. The trio consists of cleanser, moisturizer and a protectant. Also, thanks to Glam I also have a great Essie nail polish and the perfect pocket sized file to complete the look.

I started with the Lamisilk Cleanse Exfoliating Scrub, which smelled strangely like my old Rice Bran Body Scrub that I used to love so dearly. It gently scrubs to remove dead skin while softening. Some of the exfoliants I have used for feet have left them dryer than when I started. Not the Lamisilk Cleanse, this stuff is wonderful.

I followed up with Lamisilk Hydrate, which has such a smooth creamy consistency without being greasy. I love for my feet to be soft and smooth, but I don’t need to slide around on them like I am wearing my own personal ice rink. The formula absorbs quickly and kept my heels and toes happy all day.

So I finished off my happy toes with a few coats of Essie nail polish in a bright red. I love bold colors for summer and this was just the perfect shade. Let me tell you I got so many complements on the color. I am sure I would have gotten a few on my soft beautiful feet but I am not the type that enjoys random people touching my tootsies.

That night I smoothed on Lamisilk Protect which is their overnight moisturizing seal. That stuff is amazing. You know the old trick with the socks and the moisturizer that we all learned back in our sleep over days? Well this takes the goopy mess and the hot socks out of the equation. Just put it on before bed and wake up with beautifully smooth feet.

So, now you know what to do about those neglected feet. Don’t wait around counting your pennies, go over to Lamisilk’s website and download some great coupons so that you can have your very own home pedicure with Lamisilk’s Intensive Foot Therapy.

You can buy Lamisilk Intensive Foot Therapy at drugstore.com and local retailers.

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Lizy said...

Thanks for the psot..As i am working all through the day..I have no time to have my regular pedicure.Will try this product..and have my feet look cute with my sexy heels.Thanks for the product.will write back after using ur prodcut.