Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Take Me To Paradise

I tell you Spring is back and in a big way! I have been so excited about breaking out the warm weather clothing a showing a little skin. A little, I'm not 16 or crazy. I love fresh spring scents and scrubs. Anything that reminds me of the beach is great in my book, so when I opened my package of Melba's Paradise Potions I felt I had died and gone to the tropics.

Not all products get tropical scents right. Some folks think all you need is coconut and pineapple and you've got a one way pass to the islands, but that is hardly the case. You have to be able to blend complementary scents in a way that will make people come running.

Melba's Paradise Potions are brimming with the true scents of the tropics. From their Tropical Sugar Body Polishes to their Exotic Shea Lip butters and their fabulous Hand & Body Cremes Paradise Potions have everything you need to start your summer off right. Here are just a few of their fabulous scents:
Blue Hawaii For Men, Caribbean Mint, Cucumber Mango, Eucalyptus and Lemon, Fresh Vanilla Raspberry, Hawaiian White Ginger, Island Guava, Juicy Margarita, Kauai Shores, Kona Latte, Key Lime and Coconut, Laguna Beach Wahine, Lemon Ice, Malibu Romance, Maui Pineapple Colada, Oahu Beaches for Men, Papaya Mango, Paula's Paradise, Pink Grapefruit, Sherbet Splash, South Pacific Plumeria, Spicy Cranberry Lanai, Sunset Crush, Tahitian Vanilla, Twilight Breeze, and Vanilla Sandalwood.

There are so many you know you will just have to try them all. I love the moisture that they impart. Some scrubs are good at exfoliating, but leave you dry after you use them. Some others leave behind a greasy film that never quite seems to absorb, but Melba's Paradise Potions Sugar Body Polish gives your skin the moisture it needs while gently exfoliating.

I also had the opportunity to try out their Volcanic Spa Dust, which I admit had me a little skeptical. Its made from sun dried bentonite clay, volcanic ash, green tea and citric acid. It comes in a little tin, dried to a powder. You mix it into a mask and the Spa Dust does the rest. It gently removes impurities while the citric acid removes dead skin and exfoliates for a softer, brighter more hydrated complexion.

There are so many wonderful products to try, and hundreds of scent combinations that you'll swear your in a hammock on the beach.

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