Friday, April 13, 2007

Love Your Lashes

I love mascara its true, but not all mascara is created equal. Some will lengthen, some will volumize, some are waterproof and some condition. I love different things about different mascaras but basically I just want them to cooperate.

For daily use I am a lover of Cover Girl Lash Exact mascara because its versatile and easy. It goes on perfectly clump free and its great for the office or the grocery store or whatever I need to do without looking really made up. My eyelashes are longer, and I look more alert and I love that whether I am in a suit or in jeans and a t-shirt. They have also started making Cover Girl's Lash Exact in a Waterproof formula, which I have not been able to locate yet but trust me when I say that I am bound and determined to get my hands on it. When I need a little more lift, I turn to Cover Girl Volume Exact. It gives me just the right amount of fullness my lashes need. Sometimes my lashes look and feel skimpy and I just want to be cute without totally overdoing it. All of the Cover Girl Exact products are hypoallergenic, and feature their breakthrough no-clump brush that separates and coats each lash for a flawless look. The line sells for $7 each at your local Target, CVS and other retailers.

When I want high glamour I reach for my MAC Zoom Lash which gives me huge glossy, Hollywood lashes. This is my tried and true elegant evening lash accessory. Not that I go to many over the top events, but I do attend a few during the course of the year that require me to get "gussied up" and fabulous. I want that shiny black false-eyelash look without the glue, the removal and the possible blinding that might ensue. MAC Zoom Lash creates long beautiful lashes without that spiky, picky look and it lasts all evening without flaking. You can get Zoom Lash at your MAC store, MAC counter or online for $11.

This year it seems like plum has been all the rage for cosmetics. I even got into the game with a pretty plum eyeshadow from Loreal Hip Pigments. I had to use its sparingly as the colors really are bold and there is a fine line between having plum lids and having a black eye. I also tried out Besame's brand new Sculpture Lash Mascara in Plum. I really like the way it lengthens, and separates. Its packed with conditioners, strengthening Rosea Root Extract, B5 and Keratin to moisturize lashes and its smudge and waterproof but honestly, I am more impressed by the sheer beauty of the color. Plum really pops for girls with green, hazel and brown eyes but you blue eyed beauties don't be discouraged, it can work for you too. Its a fabulous alternative to your everyday black, and the color is subtle, so I don't look like I just stepped out of 1982. At $25, Besame is at the high end of the spectrum, but its worth the extra cash. You can purchase Sculpture Lash online or in Besame stores nationwide.


Toni said...
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Anonymous said...

i would have to disagree with you and say the best mascara ever is the dior show!!!

Anonymous said...

THE BEST MASCARA EVER IS DEFINITELY the DIOR SHOW. It is a MUST when it comes to brilliant lashes I completely agree.

Anonymous said...

i hated all the mascaras from MAC!! They are out-dated and mouldy and they always give me sty on the eyelid..