Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Color Showdown 2007

So I mentioned a week ago that I was trying out Sunsilk's new Shampoos and Conditioners with Color Boost. Well I've been using the combo for about 3 weeks now, and I really like my results. I am a brunette with blonde highlights, so the right combination for my hair color was Beyond Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner with Blonde Bombshell Color Boost.

I really like the subtle highlights and how gently it brightens my existing blonde. It isnt a brassy or bright yellow, its very golden but nothing over the top. Its a great look for spring, and since I always go lighter in the spring I am thrilled with my results.

The directions encourage you to skip your conditioner on the day's that you use the Color Boost, which I did for about a week. If you girls have dry hair like mine, I dont encourage skipping your conditioner in lieu of the Color Boost. My hair was way too dry and very brittle after that first week. I cant say whether or not using extra conditioner will change, alter, or otherwise dilute the highlights you are working towards, but I can say that it doesnt seem to have effected my results.

Sunsilk is also doing hillarious Blonde's VS. Brunette's experiments. This is one of my favorites, its the teaser for "Who pigs out on junk food more-Blondes or Brunettes?" They set up a hidden camera in the break room of one their TV shoots and loaded up tables with both shameful but oh so satisfying junk foods and some healthy snacks. Check it out here:

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