Thursday, April 26, 2007

Are You Sleeveless Ready?

So I have returned to talk about one of my favorite products again. Dove, who never lets me down and always gives me the best skincare is rolling out their new "Sleeveless Ready" campaign, and I recently had the opportunity to try out their Dove Ultimate Clear deodorant. Now, I have to be honest when I say that I already am a user of Dove Deodorant, so getting me to switch was all too easy. I already love Dove for its great fresh scent and its protection, but I was eager to try out Dove Ultimate Clear and leave those white marks behind.

Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant has Translucent Moisturizers that keep your underarms both soft and dry all day. They don't leave behind that flaky white stuff like other deodorants. I know that when I put on a sleeveless shirt that I don't have to worry about embarrassing white stuff on my arms or on my clothes and I never need to worry about wetness or odor, I can just put it on and go.

Dove Ultimate Clear deodorant is all you need to be “sleeveless-ready”. Dove Ultimate Clear lets you be comfortable with the look and feel of your underarms and confident wearing any and all underarm-revealing fashions. You get all the protection, and smoother, softer, sleeveless-ready underarms in just 5 days.

Now, like I have said before, I am a believer in giving you the real scoop on products. I wont sugar coat or provide you with a review of anything I haven't tried myself and this time ladies I put Dove Ultimate Clear to the test. The test of a good deodorant isn't just wearing it around the house or the office. No ma'am, you have to know that if you are in a pinch you wont be embarrassed by a sub-par deodorant.

I tried out Dove Ultimate Clear for 3 full weeks. That gave me a chance to see how it stood up to regular wear, that weird 88 degree day we had last week, and the mother of all tests...the gym.

Dove Ultimate Clear exceeded all my expectations, never left me wondering about its strength or protection and breezed through a solid hour and a half or intense cardio and weight training.

In addition Dove has paired up with Chloe Dao Season 2 Project Runway winner for their "Sleeveless Ready" Ultimate Clear campaign. I absolutely loved Chloe Dao on Project Runway and I was glad to see that her boutique"Lot 8" was thriving in Houston.

Chloe Dao has created a do it yourself Sleeveless Shirt pattern for a sleeveless ready summer. My grandmother was a seamstress so I have an inordinate amount of love for all things sewing related so I couldn't wait to get started on my shirt!

In addition, the fabulous Ms. Dao agreed to an interview with yours truly about Dove Ultimate Clear, Project Runway and what she has been up to since her win. Check it out!

Avin: Did you feel like “Project Runway” was a good experience?

Chloe Dao: "Project Runway" was an amazing experience. Being a part of the show helped me realize who I am as a designer and as a person. A televised competition forces you to examine yourself because it puts you under such extreme circumstances. I never knew that I could be so stubborn and strong about my point of view as a designer and as an individual. I got to see my flaws and my strengths at the same time, which was really strange.

Avin: Was it as much fun being on the show as it looked?

Chloe Dao: It was fun to just be creative and not worry about anything but the challenge. We didn’t have any outside interactions or distractions. We lived and breathed the challenge. It was like fashion school but we didn't have to worry about when to eat or having to pay tuition.

Avin: What do you like to do when you aren’t creating designs for Lot 8?

Chloe Dao: I have three things that I have always loved to do when I am not designing or working: reading a great book, playing tennis and taking any kind of dance class, from hip hop to tango.

Avin: Are you a music person? What’s on your iPod/CD player right now?

Chloe Dao: I do love music. I am listening to Gwen Stefani, "L.A.M.B.", Malcolm McClaren, "Paris", old remixes of 90's pop, international music and classical.

Avin: Outside of “Project Runway,” do you watch reality TV?

Chloe Dao: I am such a reality TV addict. I love “Flavor of Love" and “Shear Genius."

Avin: Do you create seasonal lines for your boutique Lot 8, or do you lean towards creating what you think will work for any season?

Chloe Dao: I do both. My point of view as a designer is to always create pieces that are relevant to the current trends but not so relevant that it becomes trendy. My designs rarely have an expiration date. Good designs are always stylish and fashionable and that is my goal for every season.

Avin: Where do you see this summer’s fashion trends leaning?

Chloe Dao: Some of my favorite fashions this season are sleeveless. For example, I love a high-volume dress. This style of dress begins under the bust line, creating room for movement, comfort and softness. I recommend picking a sleeveless volume dress, which is flattering on every body type.

Another hot summer trend is metallics. The one thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to metallic details and shiny material, less is more. Choosing a sleeveless top in a metallic finish is a perfect, yet subdued way to wear this trend because the shine is balanced out by bare arms.

Avin: Do you feel like your personality is reflected in your designs?

Chloe Dao: Definitely. I feel strongly about helping all my clients feel beautiful and confident. I work with women of all shapes and sizes and my designs are reflective of that.

Avin: I’ve been told that you are working with Dove on their new “Sleeveless-Ready” campaign. Can you tell me a little bit about your role in that?

Chloe Dao: Sure! This is a partnership that I am really excited about. The Dove Deodorant Sleeveless-Ready campaign is designed to help women feel confident in sleeveless fashions, and I am happy to have a role in that. I hope to lend my expertise on the best sleeveless fashions and provide tips on how every woman can achieve the confidence to go sleeveless.

Avin: Dove has always been on of my favorite product lines. In fact, I blog about it incessantly. Have you had the opportunity to test Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant?

Chloe Dao: I have tried Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant and I love it! When I first received the product, I decided to take the 5-Day Challenge. Dove claims that in just 5 days, you can experience softer, smoother underarms after shaving. I was surprised and happy to see how well the product stuck to its claim. My underarms have never been this smooth. With summer just around the corner, I’m ready to go sleeveless with confidence!

Avin: I am eager to try out your DIY shirt! What gave you the idea to create a DIY pattern?

Chloe Dao: I have always been into individualizing a style and there’s no better way to personalize a garment than to do-it-yourself. The DIY process can be as basic or as elaborate as desired. A great material to work with is the cotton T-shirt: a staple in the fashion industry. Vintage or oversized T-shirts can easily be refashioned into trendy sleeveless tops that are perfect for a variety of occasions. To create a personalized DIY sleeveless-ready shirt, all you need is: a soft, cotton t-shirt, scissors, embellishments (such as patches, ribbon, rhinestones or pins) and fabric glue. Once you have those, get creative as you explore the possibilities!

After my interview I decided to really get into the creation of my DIY shirt. Its amazing what you can do with a few yards of ribbon and scissors. Interviewing Chloe was an absolute dream come true. Also, the Dove Deodorant Sleeveless-Ready Celebrity Auction is launching on May 2! All of the celebrity shirts, including Chloe's, will be open for bidding! Until then rush out and get Dove Ultimate Clear deodorant, be ahead of the curve for summer, you'll be beautiful and sleeveless ready!


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Ms. 99 Products,

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Congrats on getting this interview, what a coup! Chloe was one of my fav Project Runway people ever. Have you seen her line, Simply Chloe, on QVC?

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I loved this deodorant too! When I was in the hospital and my husband brought me my "other" deodorant on accident--I was literally so upset!