Monday, March 19, 2007

Dove Day's

I won't get into excuses about my disappearing act here at 99 Products, I will only tell you that I am trying to do better. Managing my time has proved to be quite challenging recently.

On to the reviews! As some of you may know, I have declared this (and probably next) month Amy Winehouse Month over at that "other" blog. While I love, love, love Ms. Amy and her music, I can not condone her reckless use of eye makeup. Let's just go back to the basics, and what better way to start than to get ourselves a beautiful glowing complexion.

I know you've recently seen the ad's for Dove Pro-Age products. They are beautifully packaged in deep rose colored tubes and jars and they have been on the TV and in your favorite beauty magazines. Even Oprah had a feature on Dove Pro Age. While its been created as a line for Maturing women, I have no problems giving anything a test run, or subjecting my mother to a test run. Who could go wrong with a product that purports to give back what your skin needs right now?

Even as a little girl I loved the ad's for Dove skincare. That 1/4 cup of moisturizing cream seemed so special and wonderful. No other soap was doing that at the time, and years later Dove is still adding it to their products. The Dove Pro-Age line offers Hair Care, Facial Care, Hand, Body, and even antiperspirants. I decided the best choice to try out was their Foaming Facial Cleanser.

The cleanser is light and easy to use. I love how clean my skin feels and its great light scent. My skin never feels tight or dry after using it, and I've noticed improved moisture and softness. My mother felt that it really gave her more moisture than the average facial cleanser. I have yet to try out any of the other products, but the strength of the Facial Cleanser is enough to make me try out the whole line. You can find Pro-Age products at your local grocery or drugstore and they are affordable so you wont break your bank being fabulous!