Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Birthday Care Packages

So I recently had a birthday, and no I don't think I will say which one as a lady must keep some mystery about her...I've probably already said somewhere on this blog so much for mystery. I received lots of really great things for my birthday, such as flowers, red wine, a fabulous set of luggage and a special care package from my favorite Mary Kay associate. We all know how much I love cosmetics and when they come from the ultra fabulous Ms. Carol I know they are not only special, but they come straight from the heart. She sent one of my favorite sets to keep my hands busy and soft for that matter.

Satin Hands is something I discovered through my mother. Good old mom went to a Mary Kay party and brought home Satin Hands, and I am sure she never saw it again after that. Satin hands has come a long way since I swiped it...I mean discovered it years ago. Satin Hands is now a part of Mary Kay's Private Spa Collection. They have amped up the packaging and the ingredients and who couldn't love that?

Satin Hands is a three piece set consisting of Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream, Satin Hands Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub and Satin Hands Hand Cream. The set works together to pamper your hands as they exfoliate, moisturize and protect in three easy steps.

I love this set and its a fabulous gift for for just about anyone. It has a light peach scent and it comes in a extra cute little carry pouch. I love how my hands feel after using the trio and I might let my mom use it on occasion, its only fair. Check out Satin Hands for yourself or for a friend's birthday care package at Mary Kay's website, your hands will thank you for it.

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Beauty For Geeks said...

I've been MK Satin Hands for years too. My MK consultant let me sample the latest collection recently. As soon as my current set runs out, I'm getting the new one. It smells terrific too!