Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lucky Indeed

Two of my most favorite products were featured in this month’s Lucky Magazine. I don’t know whether to be excited about the fact that I’ve known about them long before the write ups, or upset that now I probably won’t be able to find either product.

I already attempted to score two bottles of IS Clinical Active Serum from my dermatologist this week. Of course I arrived to find that they were sold out and told to check back in a week or two. IS Clinical is probably the best skin serum I have ever tried. It fights oil, removes redness and is quite possibly the fastest acting acne medication I have ever used. Its so beloved in my household that “the boyfriend” now uses it religiously. I don’t know who was more disappointed by its absence, him or me. I even use it on my son on occasion when his teenage acne has just gone completely haywire. At $120 a bottle it is a miracle, but its also more expensive than anything else I use.

The other product is one I just started raving about a few months back. Ojon’s Tawaka Rejuvenating Cream. I have been using it daily for months now and let me tell you, it’s made a huge difference in my skin’s texture and moisture retention. I absolutely swear by it, but of course I can’t ever locate it. It’s been waitlisted for over a month now and I am getting dangerously low. I don’t want to be reduced to fighting my mother for the last few drops in the container. That is NEVER a good look. I have been scouting my usual purchasing spots for a while now, but every time I attempt to place and order I am asked to wait.

If you happen to find either purchase them quickly and hide them, and tell no one of your unbelievably good fortune…except me of course!


Elle* said...

have u tried QVC for the Tawaka cream? If not, they are pretty good with waitlists and usually get them back in stock and fulfill all the orders.

PrettybyNature said...

I thought that Ojon only made hair care products - I guess I need to check out their new goodies!

Avin said...

Elle* I just placed an order for it on QVC. I am just an impatient person. I have also had pretty decent luck with their waitlist time.

Pretty - I know! I was shocked too but since I love their hair care I jumped at the chance to try out their skin line. Its good stuff and it smells like chocolate.