Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Product Graveyard

I used to live and die by Anna Sui Lip Gel a few years ago. I was a faithful user of #400 which was a slightly rose tinged gloss that was both thick and shiny. It was perfect over any shade of lipstick and amazing alone with a liner. I get the giggles just thinking about how much I loved its shine and versatility. I think they were about $15 dollars for an obscenely small tube and I used to run through them like Grant through Richmond.

I developed a love for #301 and #500 as well, but this is 1999 we are talking about, so I cant say whether or not #500 would have survived the new millennium. So deep was my devotion to Anna Sui Lip Gel that I purchased them out of their stock right before they left Nordstrom for good. Once I worked my way through those last few tubes it was time for me to face the music and try something else. I was heartbroken though.

Suddenly a few years later they popped back up at Sephora, and I was elated…however there were no Sephora’s in my area at the time (Imagine that!) and I was forced to order online. They never seemed to have good old #400 though, they always had some other strange color that I neither wanted nor needed. When I was moving I actually found a full unused tube and stashed it away (I know I know expiration dates!) but it doesn’t help that my beloved #400 is now gone.
They are carrying new Anna Sui lip glosses at Victoria’s Secret these days, but its just not the same and its terribly sad, so today’s Gone But Not Forgotten product is Anna Sui Lip Gel #400. I tip my 40 to your memory.