Wednesday, January 10, 2007

MK Treats Are Oh So Sweet!

This holiday I had the joy and privilege of having my boyfriend and his mother attend dinner with my family. I love those two together, they have so much fun laughing and messing with one another, and I truly enjoyed their presence for food, fun and fellowship.

Now, if you've read my post about my boyfriend's mom, you know that she is a true beauty diva of the highest order. She is fly and fashionable at all occasions and she always has the scoop on what is new and beautiful in the world of Mary Kay Cosmetics. You know that after a while I had to steal her away from all the the family chatter and have a beauty gals one on one.

I have been peeking around on her website for a while now, and let me tell you ladies that this isnt your momma's Mary Kay. I am loving their sugar scrubs and moisturizers as well as their tried and true products like their Makeup Remover of which I am a fan of the truest sort. You all know of my addiction to, and love for their Satin Lips collection which I used EVERY DAY. Speaking of which I am almost out and its time to reorder! I seriously don't know what I would do without Satin Lips under every gloss, stick and pencil I apply. I shudder to imagine my poor lips fate.

Well, after kidnapping Ms. Carol and showing her my home at 99 Products, she did something so thoughtful. She handed me the most beautiful trio of Mary Kay Signature Nourishine Lip Glosses. What a wonderful holiday indeed! The Just Glossy Ensemble Set was all dolled up in a sweet silver package containing 3 of the most brilliant colors.

Starry, a beautiful clear pearlized gloss makes any lipstick or pencil pop with shine and shimmer. I have been using it just about every day. Then there is Gold Rush, which is Ms. Carol's personal favorite. A super luxe 24 karat gold that she wears over her favorite MK Red lipstick. I couldn’t remember if she said it was Salsa or Redwood, but I am sure either would be Fabulous with Gold Rush. Sweet Rasin is the final gloss in this group and I am loving it all by itself with a liner pencil. Its a little red, a little pink and a touch of brown an has tons of shine.

The thing I love the most about my little gift is how moist my lips stay. I have loved a lot of lip glosses, but even the ones I treasure the most don’t give my lips the moisture I crave. One application gives me softness, shine and sparkle and that's a trio worth talking about. I highly recommend them ladies, and I don’t say that about every pretty gloss that turns my head.

I am actually going to have a little MK party online January 17th which will give everyone the opportunity to see what I have been raving about and pick up some super sexy glosses for themselves. Everyone is invited and I will post more info as the date gets closer....probably a good time for me to get more satin lips!

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Anonymous said...

Yahh! I can't wait for the online MK party. I want that satin lip set!