Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Lacq-uer Style - New Year Nail Colors

In 2007 I seriously plan to take better care of my nails. Not that my nails are in any way shape or form bad, they are usually just polish free, and with so many great colors on the market I should be ashamed at my little bare nails so off to my local manicurist I will go at least once every two weeks.

Thanks to one of my favorite beauty bloggers Ms. Kristen of Beauty Addict fame, I was able to snatch up a few of the very last bottles of Chanel Black Satin just before the holidays, but now I see that I am behind the curve with my limited edition tastes. Enter Chanel Noir Ceramic which can only be described as Black Satin with a boost! Charcoal Nail lacquer accented with blue shimmer. Now why didn’t I get my hind parts in gear and find it before it was gone? I have checked every high end store in the tri-state area and have had no luck locating it. I guess that’s why its called Limited Edition. I will continue to scour the area and pray the beauty gods smile upon me.

To sooth my troubled spirit over the loss of this fabulous limited edition find, I have spent some time checking out OPI's new Dark line. Their black onyx is a jewel, and their Espresso Your Style is a fab alternative to black. It may not be Chanel but let me tell you OPI and I are buddies from way back. They have so many colors its almost impossible to choose just one. For New Year's Eve I wore "Birthday Babe" from their 25th Anniversary collection, a satiny silver polish that is far from ordinary. Of course my nails received rave reviews which always happens when I wear OPI.

One of my favorites (from when my nails were done more regularly) was "I'm Not Really A Waitress" a cherry pie red that got me daily complements. I practically cried when I couldn’t locate a replacement bottle. In addition to their classic colors, and their 25th Anniversary Collection they have a new Mexico Collection that is fun and fabulous.

As for Noir Ceramic, well you can always get a bottle from eBay, but at $44 I cant justify it so I will just have to pray that the polish fairy slips one under my pillow.

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Renee said...

I just bought I'm Not Really a Waitress from this website! I love that color.