Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Yesterday, after trying to convince myself that I had no reason to leave the office at lunchtime, I went to Sephora. I only had plans to nose around and peek at the new holiday gift sets however, things did NOT go as planned. I think they slipped me a Kenzo micky because I was in there shopping like there was no tomorrow. Since I bought plenty of stuff, there will be plenty of reviews this week as I test them all for quality and ease of use

Speaking of ease, I was just about to pay for my purchases when I spotted this cute little box with a deep purple ribbon at in front of the cashier. Inside was one of my favorite fragrances, Stella by Stella McCartney. It was pursed sized and was made with a little roll-on tip. I almost jumped for joy. Now that it seems like I have a new meeting every five minutes, its important for me to be "on my game" when it comes to looking and acting the part. I like the idea of being able to arrive for a meeting and dab a little of this on before I spend two hours hunkered down over a site plan or discussing easements with a room full of men (dont ask) especially after being in the car for an hour.

I love Stella's blend of Rose, Peony Flower Mandarin, and Amber. Its a great floral fall fragrance that is both gentle and sophisticated. I immediately started looking for Stella in Two her new signature fragrance(s) but I couldnt locate it/them. Anyway, this lovely little roll on bottle was just what I needed to finish off my shopping excursion and I happlily paid the $10 for my little purse sized pick me up. I have already been complemented on it a few times today and that means its paid for itself... I think.


Anonymous said...

HA HA! I saw this the other day as well! Stella has been doing good in the fragrance arena.

The Girls said...

I was going to mention this cute little item on my blog myself. It is so inexpensive. It smells fabulous and makes for a great gift. I love it.

Avin said...

I caught my mother trying to steal this from me the other day. She LOVES this little pocket-sized goodie. I may put it on her christmas list.