Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Work it Out

I was going to do a post on Lorac's two new eye palettes today, but I am busier than a groupie at All Star Weekend. Life is just like that sometimes ladies and I am sure you all get your fair share. Since I cant give you the details today, I promise (If I feel up to it) I will log on tomorrow and dish. In the mean time, check out what my savvy homegirls are chatting about today.

Julia from All About the Pretty has the scoop on Neimans Scent Event today.
My sister themakeupgirl wants to tell you all about the Butta baby...Shea that is.
Afrobella has some great christmas gift ideas that you might want to check out for the beauties in your family.
City-itis will have you smelling oh so pretty
Beauty Addict wants you to know her "if you were stuck on a desert island" must have.
Ellen over at Lipstick Powder N Paint will get you up to speed on TINte Cosmetics.

These are my homegirls so I know you all will show them some extra love!