Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two For The Road

Okay I am extra tired of lying around, so I think I will finally do that review I was promising on Lorac's new holiday palettes. Remember when I went over to Sephora on lunch? Seems like a lifetime ago now, but it was only Monday go figure. Oh by the way I also got my Sephora Holiday Catalog and WHOOO HOOO!

Lorac did it again ladies. Carol Shaw designed some of the best wearable no fuss makeup that’s always hidden in sleek and trendy packaging. Lorac never fails to please, especially this season. I am a huge fan of their eye shadows. They offer great colors and the finishes are divine. They also wear light as air and do not crease, which for an on the go girl like me is ideal. I don’t want to spend my time re-applying eye shadow in the middle of the day. I want to grab it and go and feel confident it won’t let me down.

So I spent about 10 minutes going back and forth over two of their holiday face palettes, Snake Charmer and Croc. Both are equally beautiful and wearable which is what had me so completely confused and indecisive. I wanted both! They are also both perfectly purse sized and portable, which I love because I cram my purse with anything that will fit. However, like I told yall before, I almost lost my mind in there and with each palette costing $35 I was NOT able to part with the cash for both.

Snake Charmer has eye shadows in Enchanted Ivory, Mystical Gold, Charming Copper, and Royal Brown and includes a blush in Hypnotically Peach. Lorac describes the palette colors as exotic, warm, shimmery leather tones. I was very excited about the Mystical Gold and Royal Brown in the palette, but I couldn’t get past its faux snakeskin jeweled exterior. Totally unexpected and for the right lady a super stylish find.

The Croc palette was filled with eye colors in Moonstone, Serenity, Garnet and Suede with blush in Soul. I literally spent 10 full minutes wrestling with the idea of buying both and then trying to decide which of the two would wind up in my purse. Decisions decisions. In the end I chose the Croc palette, but only because I felt I could get more everyday wear out of the colors. Not that I couldn’t wear that Mystical Gold in Snake Charmer, but soft is really my bag.

So I wore those colors every day this week (except today) and I love them in every combination I could muster. So, for a gift either is wonderful and they are only $35 a piece which isn’t break the bank territory. Just put it on your Christmas list for you or for someone special.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE love love LORAC! These little palettes look perfect!