Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Relaxation

Good Morning my lovlies! Its a slow Sunday morning and one of my favorite times to go through my cosmetics and bath products. I love to gather up my favorite shower gels, souflees, butters and splashes and spend a good long stay in the bath. Its one of the few times I get to spend alone in this hectic house.
During my whirlwhind shopping spree at Sephora last week I lingered heavily over the Carol's Daughter section. For those that dont know, Carol's Daughter is a line of all natural products for hair, skin and body developed by Lisa Price. Lisa is one of those great sucess stories that I just love to hear about. She developed the products in her kitchen back in 1993, mixing natural ingrediants her grandmother had used on she and her mom. She started selling the homemade concoctions at church flea markets and they were an instant hit. Several years and famous investors later, Ms. Price has a multi-million dollar company offering over 300 different products. She has stores in both Harlem and Brooklyn and you can always order online. Needless to say, her products are some of my all time favorites.

In fact, Ms. Price was just on Lace Front's show on Friday. Jokes people, dont write me nasty letters about Tyra's wig I like her and I think she doing big things in this world. Anyway, Ms. Price was accompanied by Jada Pinkett Smith and Mary J. Blige who are both Carol's Daughter devotees and investors. They are a part of the reason Ms. Price is working it out in Sephora, and I am SO happy about that. I actually heard about Carol's Daughter back in 2000 when my ex-boyfriend brought me back a few products from her Harlem store. I laughed when he told me to refridgerate them, but I was in LOVE with the products, and I followed her closely and started purchasing from her online the minute the website was up and running.

So, today's product(s) is Carol's Daughter Ecstacy Collection. The Ecstasy Shea Souffle is a dreamy blend of cocoa-butter with notes of pineapple, peach, mango, strawberry, vanilla and a touch of Egyptian musk. It makes for such a delicious scent combined with their Ecstasy Body Cleansing Gel and Ecstasy Sea Salt Body Scrub . Lisa says the trick to making your fragrance last is layering and most ladies dont do this. I try to do this as much as possible and I think Bath and Body Works thanks me for my generous donations. There are many more collections and fragrances that you can find on the Carol's Daughter website and in Sephora, so go pick them up, and I'll get back to my Sunday Morning ritual.

Enjoy your day bathing beauties!


rebelleBAP said...

Girl... we must be kin.

I love Ecstasy.I only have the spray though.At first I thought it smelled like incense but it dries down real nicely.

Maria said...

Hey there,
My name is Maria, and I'm commenting to let you know that I love you blog!
I'm new to weblogging, but I have my own. Check it out at:
and maybe we could link each other? :)

yummy411 said...

i love carol's daughter. i remember a few years ago when i got some free samples from a woman's health event. the packaging wasn't as highly polished as it is now with the celebrity endorsements, but it was still cute and the product was great and i was sold! i love to see brands/people/things evolve. Now she's big time! It's like seeing a Madame CJ walker of our day.

Avin said...

Rebellebap - I thought it was sort of strong at first too, but I was in the Sephora for an hour so by the time it dried it was heavenly.

Maria - of course I will link you! Fellow beauty bloggers must stick together, thats how we get our best product information!

Yummy411 - we must have discovered her about the same time because my products were no where near as fancy as they are now. They were still great though, and it kept me coming back. I agree she is doing big things, she is an innovator of the highest order

DotSpot said...

it's your fault i'm addicted to CD anyway! Now you got me looking at new stuff *sigh*