Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tame That Tree

We ladies have always had a love/hate relationship with our hair, just ask anyone. That woman you saw at the corner this morning with the long flowing tresses who you think couldn’t have a bad hair day if she were being attacked by birds is probably cursing the very hair you covet. I myself have been blessed/cursed with what at times can only be described as a Chia Pet. Some days its shiny and bouncy and my curls are full and healthy looking. Other days it looks like someone just rescued me from the Potomac River.

After years of fighting with it, pleading, begging and brushing to exhaustion I have finally found a few products that make it a bit more manageable. The first of which is Salerm 21, which is a protein rich leave in conditioner that I found at my salon. Salerm 21 is not terribly expensive, however it is difficult to locate as its a product made in the Dominican Republic. My hairdresser imports it and sells it in her shop, but if you don’t go to her, it can be a tricky find.

I've had a little luck on line, but its no where near as affordable especially once you factor in Shipping and Handling. Salerm 21 is a lightweight cream that I put in right after a fresh wash. It detangles, and strengthens without drying or making my hair frizzy. It dries clear and without flaking whether blow-drying or air drying. It also protects your hair from the damage that can occur from heat styling.

I also use Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercream as both a curl enhancer and moisturizer. Its fab for blow-drying, and really gets you that straight look without making your hair look and feel like straw. It also dries to perfection as a curl aid, giving you that bouncy healthy shine us curly girls want so desperately. Miss Jessie's also offers a Curly Pudding that I use on occasion to help lock in my curls, and a Curly Meringue that imparts both shine and hold. You can find all of her products on line at, however these products are NOT cheap. A jar of Curly Buttercream will set you back $58 large. The jar is big enough to last me about 6 months which if you do the math only works out to about $10 a month if you need to justify the price.
I personally couldnt live without Salerm 21 or the Buttercream now that I know they can tame this tree and if you have an unruly tree of your own, give them a try, or one of those Lace Front Wig's Tyra Banks seems so fond of... but I would advise against it.


Anonymous said...

I love me some curly buttercream!!!!

Alexis said...

I recently found your blogs and really enjoy them. These 2 sites also sell Salerm online, I am not sure of their shopping charges though... and

I have read good things about both sites from 2 hair boards that I visit.

Avin said...

Alexis thank you! People are always asking me where to pick up Salerm 21 (or asking me to pick it up for them) and now I can give them a few more options. Glad you like my blogs and stop by anytime!