Friday, November 03, 2006

Dollars and Scents and other stuff too!

Its payday and for those that don’t know, its fieldtrip time for Avin. I am making my pilgrimage to Sephora and MAC today at lunchtime, just to see whats new and what needs reporting. I was fishing around on and they have put out quite a few of their holiday sets. Now I love a good holiday gift set. In fact most of my holiday shopping is accomplished right in the Sephora store. They have a few that I simply MUST take a peek at.

First there is Bliss Twinkle Toes "Step-By-Step" Pedicure Set. This set includes Hot Salt Scrub, Manicure's Best Friend nail cream, Foot Patrol exfoliating cream, a pair of toe separators, and deep red Sephora nail polish. This one is going to be hard not to keep for myself.

Also, the folks at Fresh, who have always impressed me with their Brown Sugar scrubs have a three piece “A Spoonful of Sugar” fragrance set that I am dying to try out. Each are 0.5 ounces of Eau de Parfum Spray in scents like Lychee Sugar, Sugar Blossom and Lemon Sugar. I just may pick up a new jar of Sugar Face Polish & Rice Face Cream.

There is also a great Ojon 5 - Piece "Try Me" Hair Ritual Kit that includes Kit includes Restorative Hair Treatment, Ultra Hydrating Shampoo, Ultra Hydrating Conditioner, Revitalizing Mist, Shine & Protect Glossing Mist that one of my lucky chicas will find under her tree.

If I manage to purchase what I need for my homegirls, I might put Philosophy's The Milkman or Candycane Suitcase on my own personal list. You know a girl cant pass up the opportunity to smell sweet.