Saturday, October 28, 2006

Still Tippin

My membership in the "Die Hard Mariah Carey Stan" Fan Club became official the day that I adopted her shoe quote from MTV Cribs. While strolling through her emense closet (while the rest of us drooled) she waded through racks and racks of beautifully expensive shoes. Daintily picking up a pair of faboulous sticks to adorn her stems, she uttered this phrase.

"The shoe that I favor is a high stiletto, and the designer that I favor is
anyone thats going to stick to that motif"

If you saw my closet you would know that in my opinion truer words have never been spoken. I love a nice high stiletto shoe. Just ask themakeupgirl she knows. She has infact (recently) been witness to my devotion. Naturally I am exstatic about the new movement towards pointed-toe stilettos.

Nine West has some great ones that are fashionable, sexy, work appropriate (in some cases) and wont damage your credit rating. My new faves are reds, animal prints and peep toes and Nine West has them all. They also have a great collection of fall boots that my wallet wont let me support right now but I do have a gift card that will go to a great new pair of cute fall shoes! Dont let Mariah catch you slipping ladies, go support that habit.

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Anonymous said...

HA HAAA! Leave me and my square toed boots alone!