Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Natural & Organic Beauty

So now that I have decided to grow my hair out, and stop using heat on a regular basis its been a struggle to keep it healthy and moisturized, and frankly almost everything I use to keep my curls from turning into a head full of poodle makes my hair dry and brittle. If I try to add moisture or oil, my curls come out limp and lifeless. Its a real problem. So between curly days I have been using Jamaican Black Castor oil to moisturize my hair and the difference is noticable. My favorite is made by Sunny Isle and you can get it in a variety of sizes and scents but my favorite is the extra dark. It makes my hair baby soft. I usually wash my hair and massage it in thick at the root and down the shaft. Then I pin my hair up for a few hours and rinse it out or use it as a hot oil treatment. Its fantastic. You can get an 8oz bottle from Sunny Isle for about $12.

Not only that but I understand that it promotes hair growth, which at this rate works for me. My hair hasnt been this long since 7th grade. Which has been great for my new workout groove. All ponytails all the time.

Speaking of my foray into Mixed Martial arts. The workouts are brutal and both the mats and the sweat are giving my skin a beating this winter. No matter how well disinfected those mats are, you are still working out on or in close contact with other folks sweat.  No one wants something icky from a mat right? That's why after my trainer puts me through the ringer I shower with Abike's Alata, the original black soap. This stuff works to to treat rashes, acne, eczema, dandruff, ring worm, eczema and also as a natural hair shampoo to avoid itchy and dry scalps. This therapeutic powerhouse has medicinal benefits that you cant get from any old bar of soap. Who says you cant be tough and look fantastic doing it?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Champagne Life

Christmas has come and gone and I survived quite nicely. My Christmas morning was filled with an enormous ornately carved Balinese screen, an amazing designer handbag, beautiful handcrafted jewelry, A little blue bag of Tiffany for Tiffany and so many other amazing unexpected gifts. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family and boyfriend. Remember my last post when I was was telling y'all some of my Christmas list? Well Santa decided to pay me a visit and make one of my holiday wishes come true!
The one item I was certain that I wouldn't be getting was the ultra exclusive, completely dreamy Tom Ford Champacha Absolute fragrance that my mother and I were introduced to right before Christmas. Sneaky mom decided that there would be nothing stopping her from having that fragrance for her own and told my father. He in turn had me (his online shopping guru) order a bottle for her for Christmas. BUT WAIT!!! In an unforeseen turn of events my father in a moment of sheer Christmas spirit told me to order one for myself too! Words cant even convey my joy. It was even more fab when it arrived!!! I will be wearing this one very sparingly and guarding it with my life.
I also bought myself a Christmas present. Well, its really for my hair. I finally broke down and sprung for the Moroccan Oil Treatment I was talking about, but before I could get out of the door I was hipped to their Restorative Hair Mask. My hair was just about ready to jump ship with the way the weather has been. Everything from the drying heat in the house, to the 20 degree weather outside, to scarves and hats and the normal wear and tear of flat irons and hair dryers. My hair has been seriously unhappy with me. If it were possible, my hair would have already called the authorities on me for assault with intent to maim as it was just about at the pine needle stage where it was just falling all over my shoulders in protest.
I have to say that this has been one of the best purchases I have made for my hair since Wen. Its also super easy. Shampoo and towel dry hair, apply a generous amount of Restorative Hair Mask and go relax for 10 min. No heat necessary (that's the part I think I like the most) just rinse and add Moroccan Oil Treatment to damp hair and style as usual. My hair hasn't been this soft in ages and the oil treatment is made for all types of hair. It absorbs completely, cuts drying time in half, wont weigh your hair down, protects from heat styling and leaves your hair shiny and oh so pretty. The Restorative Hair Mask is $40 and Moroccan Oil Treatment is $39 on Don't skimp either ladies. Get the real stuff. Not all Argan oil products are created equal.

I also went to my favorite nail technician to get my Christmas mani/pedi. Somehow, I managed to forget all the work I would be doing in the kitchen on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and of course my poor little nails were chipped almost immediately. Since I have chosen to spend a quiet New Years Eve night in with my wonderful boyfriend, I will not be going back to get a fancy new manicure to make up for the ruined one. This is probably a good idea considering I got a sneak peek at the new OPI Katy Perry line coming out in January. I will just stack my pennies and get my New Year's manicure with some fab new shades.

Speaking of which, there is only one week before the end of 2010 and busy working and social ladies everywhere have their calendars booked. Even if you don't have somewhere to go looking stunning for NYE you should still be fab as you strut into 2011. You want to shine and sparkle like a diamond? Become instantly golden and bubbly for all the world to see? The answer is Cham Pale!!

MAC has a new collection just in time for NYE! Cham Pale is full of golden sparkling tones and shades. 4 new beautiful Lipgelee's ranging from Luxure in pink pearl to Straight to the Head a sparkly bronze. My all time favorite paint pots in Let Me Pop, a Frosted light copper and Dangerous Cuvee, a frosted cool grey.

The line also includes MAC skincare products such as their Complete Comfort Creme that is super hydrating while reducing redness and soothing stressed out skin. There is also an amazing Lip Conditioner with SPF 15 and French Lavender which is tres magnifique!

Even though this line just hit the counters on December 26th, you know that it wont be around very long and trust me this is not a product line you want to miss. Let's toast it up!

Friday, November 26, 2010

All I Want for Christmas!!!

Sure I haven't started my Christmas list for anyone else but you know that I am already making the list for myself. So greedy, I know, but with so many new shades, scents, appliances and sets to be had I just cant seem to contain myself.

Lets start with the new OPI Burlesque line. Is it wrong that I want every single shade in this collection? I am particularly interested in Tease-Y-Does it the vampy sparkly deep maroon that I am sure will carry me through the holidays in style. OPI also offers 6 of the Burlesque shades in Axxium soak off gel lacquer! I haven't been to see Burlesque yet, but I plan to do so wearing my fabulous OPI movie inspired nail colors.

Second on my list is the most amazing deeply oriental fragrance with notes of Cognac, vanilla, sandalwood and amber. It is everything a winter fragrance should be. Champaca Absolute by Tom Ford. The moment I smelled this, I was in love. I am still trying to figure out what in the world I could sell to get some for myself? No one wants a slightly used 17 year old I guess. Needless to say, that bastion of beautiful things Nieman Marcus carries Tom Ford's Champaca Absolute for a whopping $190.00 for 50ml. Times are tough in Mi Casa what with the boy graduating from High School this year, and venturing off to college, so I will venture a guess and say that this beautiful amazing scent is out of my price range. If you can afford it I highly recommend it. Oh Tom Ford why do you tease me the way you do!

Next on my list is MAC's A Tartan Tale Holiday 2010 collection. Yes I want the whole darn thing. Gorgeous Lip, eye and brush bags, face and nail kits are all featured here and you know when it comes to the holiday's MAC does not disappoint. There are great gifts for everyone or just for yourself in every fab shade of the season. I cant wait to get my hands on the Dazzle the Lads Lip Bag and their 5 Sassy Neutral Lassies Lipglass. I will race you to the counter!

Also, I really want this coat from my favorite online store. Cant you just picture me...I mean it, a chilly DC evening, on her way to dinner with friends, she sweeps out of her chariot (Camry) in cream colored wide leg pants, hair expertly coiffed into a side chignon, black leather gloves, satin blouse and suede peep-toe heels. So very chic. So very poetic city girl with fabulous cape. Okay okay but you know the look, and I want to know it too. The Haworth Coat is $89.99 at ModCloth. I beg of you to leave me one large!

I cant remember if I told you guys the sad sad tale of my Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic flat iron and how after many years of keeping my hair beautifully straight and shiny it met an untimely death due to its cord being repeatedly slammed in a door. We wont get into who was at fault or why they didn't care enough about my most prized possession to make sure the cord was clear of the door before slamming it but needless to say my hair hasn't been the same since. My friend bought me a Chi in attempt to keep my hair from looking like I stuck my finger in an electric socket. While I appreciated the gift, the CHI has one huge fatal flaw. No temperature variation. Once you plug it in, burn is the only setting, and let me tell you, it did burn my hair something vicious.

I have finally decided that it is high time for Santa to bring me my flat iron of choice for Christmas. Now, I am sure you are asking why I haven't just gone and bought the damn thing again after mine quit on me. You know that saying about getting what you pay for? Well, my hair wasn't beautiful and gorgeous for free. That iron costs $159.99 retail, and I don't typically have that type of cash laying around these days. I have to admit though if I had thought this issue through, the cost of hair cuts, oil treatments and everything done to attempt to save my hair probably cost a lot more than the flat iron. The only place I have been able to find it is my beloved, so I am certain Santa will be shopping there for my replacement iron.

The last item on my list is probably something I could get up and go to the amazing Beauty Supply store down the block and get, but I always find something else to do with my $40. I was just in there this morning staring at all the wonderful things they sell that I couldn't possibly ever find in one place anywhere else. They have the full Miss Jessie's line of curl products, a whole wall of Sebastian Products including my beloved Cellophane treatment and three shelves of Moroccan Oil Treatment products. Everyone has been raving about Moroccan oil products and I have been meaning to get my hands on them for some time, but I just don't ever seem to get that far. The original Moroccan oil sells for $40 just about everywhere you can find it, including of course I hear all sorts of celebrities are on to it now, and I cant think of a better stocking stuffer.

What are some of the get pretty things on your list this year? I am dying to hear what everyone else is asking for and hoping will make their new year super fabulous.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Signs of Spring

If you are anywhere near the DC Metropolitan area like I am, you are craving any hint of spring. I just spent the last 4 days being burried in and digging out of the blizzard of 2010 or what has been affectionatly trended on twitter as #snOMG and #snotoriousBIG. Spring cant get here fast enough for me, especially since we are expecting another storm tomorrow. So I was just on MAC’s website and their new Spring Colour Forecasts are out. Of course there is a color palate to compliment any MAC girl. Spring Colour Forecast one is filled with beautiful pink shades and forecast 2 is perfect for the girl who loved coral. My friend Erica (who I mention often) is one of those girls. Corals just seem to come to life when she wears them. They are a perfect match for her hair and skin tone. Of course I am completely partial to Colour Forecasts 3 and 4. Forecast 3 is filled with plums and burgundies which I just adore. There is a limited edition eye shadow palate containing shades like Pink Mink, Bruised Plum, Black Tulip and Jungle Moon. Forecast 4 is filled with golden hues of amber and pearl. Of course these shades excite me to no end considering how much I love to incorporate golden tones into everyday wardrobe. There is a fabulous Nail Lacquer called Abalone Shell which I am DYING to get my hands on. You can pick up your own M∙A∙C Spring Colour Forecast Feb 11th, 2010 – April 2010.

In addition we all know that Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (no longer in Bryant Park) starts next Friday February 12 to Friday, February 19, 2010. I have only been to Fashion Week once, and it certainly is an experience. MAC has paired with some of their supporters to release MAC & Milk which is an exclusive runway-ready collection of makeup essentials suited to every shade of skin (their words not mine) that I am positive will make for a versatile, face in a flash combo for Fashion Week makeup artists. Great nude and earthy shades of foundation, Mineralize Skinfinish and lipsticks are all present, as well as fabulous bases and skin preparations to enhance any runway look.