Friday, November 26, 2010

All I Want for Christmas!!!

Sure I haven't started my Christmas list for anyone else but you know that I am already making the list for myself. So greedy, I know, but with so many new shades, scents, appliances and sets to be had I just cant seem to contain myself.

Lets start with the new OPI Burlesque line. Is it wrong that I want every single shade in this collection? I am particularly interested in Tease-Y-Does it the vampy sparkly deep maroon that I am sure will carry me through the holidays in style. OPI also offers 6 of the Burlesque shades in Axxium soak off gel lacquer! I haven't been to see Burlesque yet, but I plan to do so wearing my fabulous OPI movie inspired nail colors.

Second on my list is the most amazing deeply oriental fragrance with notes of Cognac, vanilla, sandalwood and amber. It is everything a winter fragrance should be. Champaca Absolute by Tom Ford. The moment I smelled this, I was in love. I am still trying to figure out what in the world I could sell to get some for myself? No one wants a slightly used 17 year old I guess. Needless to say, that bastion of beautiful things Nieman Marcus carries Tom Ford's Champaca Absolute for a whopping $190.00 for 50ml. Times are tough in Mi Casa what with the boy graduating from High School this year, and venturing off to college, so I will venture a guess and say that this beautiful amazing scent is out of my price range. If you can afford it I highly recommend it. Oh Tom Ford why do you tease me the way you do!

Next on my list is MAC's A Tartan Tale Holiday 2010 collection. Yes I want the whole darn thing. Gorgeous Lip, eye and brush bags, face and nail kits are all featured here and you know when it comes to the holiday's MAC does not disappoint. There are great gifts for everyone or just for yourself in every fab shade of the season. I cant wait to get my hands on the Dazzle the Lads Lip Bag and their 5 Sassy Neutral Lassies Lipglass. I will race you to the counter!

Also, I really want this coat from my favorite online store. Cant you just picture me...I mean it, a chilly DC evening, on her way to dinner with friends, she sweeps out of her chariot (Camry) in cream colored wide leg pants, hair expertly coiffed into a side chignon, black leather gloves, satin blouse and suede peep-toe heels. So very chic. So very poetic city girl with fabulous cape. Okay okay but you know the look, and I want to know it too. The Haworth Coat is $89.99 at ModCloth. I beg of you to leave me one large!

I cant remember if I told you guys the sad sad tale of my Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic flat iron and how after many years of keeping my hair beautifully straight and shiny it met an untimely death due to its cord being repeatedly slammed in a door. We wont get into who was at fault or why they didn't care enough about my most prized possession to make sure the cord was clear of the door before slamming it but needless to say my hair hasn't been the same since. My friend bought me a Chi in attempt to keep my hair from looking like I stuck my finger in an electric socket. While I appreciated the gift, the CHI has one huge fatal flaw. No temperature variation. Once you plug it in, burn is the only setting, and let me tell you, it did burn my hair something vicious.

I have finally decided that it is high time for Santa to bring me my flat iron of choice for Christmas. Now, I am sure you are asking why I haven't just gone and bought the damn thing again after mine quit on me. You know that saying about getting what you pay for? Well, my hair wasn't beautiful and gorgeous for free. That iron costs $159.99 retail, and I don't typically have that type of cash laying around these days. I have to admit though if I had thought this issue through, the cost of hair cuts, oil treatments and everything done to attempt to save my hair probably cost a lot more than the flat iron. The only place I have been able to find it is my beloved, so I am certain Santa will be shopping there for my replacement iron.

The last item on my list is probably something I could get up and go to the amazing Beauty Supply store down the block and get, but I always find something else to do with my $40. I was just in there this morning staring at all the wonderful things they sell that I couldn't possibly ever find in one place anywhere else. They have the full Miss Jessie's line of curl products, a whole wall of Sebastian Products including my beloved Cellophane treatment and three shelves of Moroccan Oil Treatment products. Everyone has been raving about Moroccan oil products and I have been meaning to get my hands on them for some time, but I just don't ever seem to get that far. The original Moroccan oil sells for $40 just about everywhere you can find it, including of course I hear all sorts of celebrities are on to it now, and I cant think of a better stocking stuffer.

What are some of the get pretty things on your list this year? I am dying to hear what everyone else is asking for and hoping will make their new year super fabulous.