Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm Going In for 2010

Okay folks I am starting this thing back sort of slow so just bare with me here while I knock off the cobwebs. First I would like to say Happy 2010 and sorry I have been MIA for better than a year. My work life is crazy and I make no promises about continuing to update, but there are some products I feel like I just must address. I have broken the short reviews into two categories. Stuff that works and Stuff that sucks. Sorry but I have limited time and you know I hate BS reviews so here we go.

Stuff that works

Yeah I know I am tardy for the party on this one, but I love my WEN Fig Conditioning Cleanser. It only took me like 6 months to love it though and I will tell you why. Getting used to the idea of washing my hair with something that would not lather was beyond difficult. I couldn’t imagine it was cleaning anything and in all honesty I just kept using my old shampoo and used the WEN as a conditioner. Well you don’t get results like that and my hair was officially giving me the finger for mixing products. My hair was lifeless, limp, brittle and just downright unruly. So I didn’t start using the stuff in earnest until I ran out of my shampoo. Then I cut my hair and colored it and suddenly WEN became my new best friend. It didn’t strip the color, my hair wasn’t brittle and crazy looking, the frizz completely died down and it honest to god started to shine on its own. I think it was a combination of cutting off all the damage and really using it the way it was intended. My friend Erica was telling me how she likes it as a conditioner but won’t stop using her regular shampoo, and I told her my story. She has the gigantic pump bottle of WEN tea tree and I told her to stop fooling around and use it full time. She promised that she would, so we will see what happens in the near future. I haven’t tried anything else from the styling line yet, but I hope to, oh and you get the best deals on the big bottles on QVC. I have short hair now so it lasts a long time for me, but I can see how if you are rocking a head full of long hair it might not go as far. I highly recommend it and if you do the math you will see that you are probably paying more in shampoo and conditioner than you would for the one bottle of WEN. 32 oz for $44.82 over at QVC.

You already know how difficult it is to find a scent that works with your body chemistry right? Some of the fragrances I like seem to disappear the minute I put them on, and other seem so overpowering I just can’t stand myself. I love Lola by Marc Jacobs. Light, floral, complex, wears all day and isn’t the type to make me want to wash my wrists in the bathroom sink at the office. I don’t think perfume should punch anyone in the face should they encounter it, so I always air on the side of less is more. Well, especially since that coworker incident years ago where she was applying 15 sprays every hour. Will this work for you? Maybe, I say go take a sniff and test it out. It’s worth looking into

I was highly skeptical of this stuff to start but it works like a charm. Actually if you have someplace to be and you need your nails to look cute in a flash then keep this stuff handy. They have some pretty decent colors (not enough variety though IMO) so I am sure you can find something you like. I actually put it to the test going to work (Job 2) the other day. I managed to put on two coats and roll out in 10 minutes without so much as a chip or a smudge. It held up to the rigors of retail furniture sales and still looked great when I got home 8 hours later. I think of course you could really seal the deal with a great top coat, but you already know that is going to add to the drying time. If you aren’t pressed for time a half hour wait on a top coat isn’t that big a deal and I think it’s a pretty fair trade for not having to wait at all on the polish to dry. This stuff does require you to be pretty quick and neat with it. No fussing and touching up the same nail over and over okay? It just wont work and you will wind up with weird coverage and little globules on your nails. Just paint and move on. You can clean up mistakes on the second swipe I promise. My favorite color is Wine. It would be wouldn’t it? I love all things wine and I guess this is no exception. Its $4.99 at Walgreens and other drugstores. Not too shabby. Next on my list...

Stuff that sucks

I hate to have to do it, because I tell you that I wanted nothing more in this world than to love this stuff but that did not happen. Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash with NutriumMoisture is a no thanks. I will pass. Why? Well I picked it up in a trip to Target one day because I was running out of my Olay Body wash. Why lord didn’t I just grab the same stuff I have been using with success for almost a year? I guess being the product junkie I am I couldn’t resist the idea of trying out something new that professed to hold in my skins moisture. It is winter in DC people, so extraordinary measures must be taken to ensure that dry skin does not creep up on you. In its defense (or maybe because I am slow and so busy I don’t know which way is up) I didn’t realize there was a problem for 3 weeks. I guess I was just slightly itchy. I hadn’t changed my detergent, my lotions, my eating habits or used any new perfumes so I was confused. On week three, when I finally couldn’t take the scratching that was leaving raw, I connected the new body wash with my discomfort. I promptly chucked the half filled bottle into the trash and went out and repurchased my Olay. While I was in the store I was chatting with a friend on the phone and told her about the itchy body wash. She has SUPER sensitive skin, and she said that she couldn’t use that stuff at all. I didn’t think it was odd until I came to work and I relayed the itchy body wash story to a coworker, who said “hey, that stuff made me itch too!” okay granted we could have similar skin PH and tolerance but when my told my boyfriend about it he said “I thought it was just me”. Apparently, he hadn’t packed his soap for an overnight stay and had used my “plain looking” Dove in a pinch. I then told this story to my coworker (at the second job) Erin who proceeded to tell me about the rash she got from the same product. Okay so that’s five separate individuals who can’t tolerate this Nutrium stuff. I gotta wonder if they are getting complaints. So, for my purposes Dove with Nutrium is out. I can’t have itchy skin that I want to attack all day and night. I will go back to what I know. I just hope that Dove doesn’t begin to add it to all their body wash products. I really love their products and I know you've seen me write about them here again and again. I am a huge fan of their Go Fresh line and their antiperspirants as well as so many of their other products so I am not down on Dove, I am just down on Nutrium. Sorry Dove, but Nutrium and I are not friends.

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Happymaury said...

Glad to see you back. Thanks for letting me know about the Dove Nutirim before I tried it. I have been looking at it. I will have to check out Lola. Sounds great.