Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rice To The Rescue??? We Will See About That!

So I am sure you have all heard me cry about the fact that many eons ago I was in love with Rice Bran Body Scrub from The Body Shop. I even gave it a sad send off in my Gone But Not Forgotten catagory. I havent ever been able to find anything remotely close to this product in years. That was until about a month ago, when I was reading a beauty review in my local paper about a product called Rice to the Rescue, I had to investigate!

Of course I am thinking that this is just wayyyy too good to be true and there is no way in the world that someone heard my prayers and re-incarnated my beloved scrub. I went out to find it the very same day at Bath and Body Works.

Rice to the Rescue is a part of their True Blue Spa line which I like and have used in many different product forms. I am a believer in their "Look Ma New Hands" which I keep in my purse faithfully. It gently moisturizes without being greasy and it absorbs completely. They also have my favorite vacation/travel body wash and lotion called "Tahiti Sweetie" and "Be More Pacific".

So it was described as a rice pudding body polish, which I think is an accurate discription. Not quite as hard working as my old scrub, but it produces virtually the same results. Super soft-non greashy skin, great moisture and a heavenly scent. Sure, its softer and requires a little more work in the elbow grease department, but it does the trick.

I am just happy to have a product that is similar to my dear old friend. In addition, Bath & Body Works is having a massive sale so when you buy any TWO products from True Blue line, you can get TWO free! But you better hurry, the sale ends Sunday June 22.


Jennifer said...

Hmmm... which exfoliant did you prefer, the True Blue or the Mac? I'm in the market for a new scrub and loved both of your reviews!

Avin said...

MAC for face and Rice for body. They are both amazing but the type of granuals are what make the difference for me. I like a finer consistancy for face and a thicker for body.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry if Im blind but I dont think you ever mentioned the new product you found. (I also miss rice to the rescue!!! We should start a petition.)