Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wedding Day Bliss

My best girlfriend got married at the end of August, and of course she hired my sis The Makeup Girl to do the makeup for the bridal party. I know I have been promising this post for a while, but wedding photos were slow coming. You know quality photos take time! Its been a long time since I was in a wedding, and let me tell you that I had almost forgotten how crazy the set up for a wedding can be.

First, I have to say that without the considerable talent of The Makeup Girl, we would have all been in hot water. We had an issue at the salon the previous evening that caused us to get home at 4am the day of the wedding. Needless to say we were all pretty worn out, and none of us had the beautiful glow of a bride or her bridal party.

The Makeup Girl is amazing at making your true beauty shine through (even if you have only had 3 hours of sleep) and at her disposal were some tools that I now simply can not live without. Remember when I told you how much I loved two of MAC's new lines? Painterly and MAC in 3D? Well they were a godsend for this beautiful wedding, and let me show you why.

The greatest test of makeup is how long it can last without reapplication. Since there were 7 faces to do, and 5 of those needed to be as uniform as possible, she went with MAC's Studio Stick foundation applied with a brush only in the areas where we needed it, the skin looked flawless and not cakey. She finished with Loose Blot Powder. On the eyes she used Rubenesque Paint Pot which looks great on just about everyone (I know it looked great on all of us and we are all different shades!), Honeylust all over the entire lid, Folie shadow in the crease, Powerpoint waterproof liner in Stubborn Brown on the upper and lower lash line which she blended like crazy and made it have a smokey type look. Then on to the cheeks, She used MAC's Powder Blush, the lighter skinned girls got Coppertone, while the darker ones got Raizin. On the lips she used a stain first then followed with MAC's Pencil Liner's. There were so many different shades of us that she ended up using many different shades among them are Spice, BBQ, Cork & Chestnut. All of us got the same shade of MAC Lipstick a lovely Bronze shade called Shag. Finished with 3D Lipglass in Energy. Just look at the results.

MAC's Painterly Paint Pots have been added to this years product line, so you can get your very own in store or online, but MAC's 3D Lipglass is limited edition, and you know you have to have that so don't wait okay. Its bad enough I made you all wait almost 3 months for this post but when I say I am going to show you real results I mean just that.


eye4style said...

What a gorgeous bridal look! Congrats to her:)

Anonymous said...

I love the lip color with the dresses. Everyone looked beautiful and the bride and groom look truly in love. Congratulations to all!

karen, said...

Everyone looks so pretty! Those are pretty, natural looks.

junation said...

Those are some great pictures of everybody.