Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Get Clear

I have the most unfortunate issues with acne, and I am sure you have all heard about it here before a time or two. What you havent heard is that while my skin is fickle and crazy and generally difficult to deal with, my poor son's skin is much, much worse.

We have both tried so many products, creams and treatments that we are just about fed up. While I can get away with a little extra foundation, my son isnt so lucky and he will start shaving pretty soon. I dont even want to know how that is going to work. It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

A few weeks back I was sent a new acne clearing device called ThermaClear and trust me I was very skeptical. I always want something that will work on my acne, but I am nobody's fool and I am not just going to slap anything on my skin. That rule goes double for my son, especially since he has to go to school and I am not going to cover him with Studio Tech (I mean thats just wrong) foundation.

It took me a while to work up to using it and let me tell you why. ThermaClear's slogan is Heat it. Treat it. Defeat it. All of that sounded lovely, except the heat it part. The device itself is hand held and uses thermal pulse technology. Its similar to laser technology and works to neutralize underlying bacteria with a burst of heat.

Think about how your mom used to get a hot compress and put it on a particularly stubborn blemish. Its just like that only concentrated and quick, so that you dont spend half your time standing around with a wet washcloth hanging from it. So once I got past the whole heat thing I started using it.

The instructions tell you that for best results, you should put the device on high. Well being the chicken I am, I decided to try it on low. You are instructed to clean the tip and apply it directly to the blemish, press the button and hold the machine there for an additional moment. I wont lie to you folks, its not a pleasant feeling. This is something I had to use over and over in order to not wince before the pulse was delivered.

I did get used to it though, and in a day I was using the device on high. I believe it signifigantly reduced the healing time on my blemishes. It was just a few quick pulses and off to bed, the next morning my blemishes were almost gone. After a week or two, I decided that perhaps I could use the device on my son. I was completely certian that it wouldnt harm him and as bad as his skin seems to be these days it could only help the situation.

Now it took a whole lot of convincing, but my son managed to withstand the feeling of the pulse and he got used to it a lot faster than I did. His blemishes took a little longer than mine to clear, but it made a considerable difference in his healing time as well. Now, being a boy and wanting immediate results right away, my son went a touch too far with the ThermaClear device.

Even though I instructed him not to use the device without my permission, he is after all a teenager and a boy, so I should have known that wasnt going to work. My darling sweet boy over zapped his face and basically wound up with a bunch of very dark spots over his already irritated acne. Of course he is now banned from using the device unless I supervise.

All in all I felt like it really made a big difference, and when he wasnt using it to cook himself, it really helped my son too. At $149.95 the device is not as affordable as that washcloth trick, but it does work. It absolutely does exactly what it says and you can purchase it online from ThermaClear's website.