Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer Sales Pink and Pretty

Summer is here and finally, so am I. I cant wait to talk to you guys about all the fun summer products I have been testing out recently, but first and foremost since I have no clue how much time you have, get your buns over to Victoria's Secret for their Semi-Annual Sale.

I was in there Saturday spending money like water on everything from their PINK line, to their new fabulous beauty products, because the only thing I love more than a deal on frilly underthings is a deal on beauty products.

I love Victoria's Secret PINK for lounging about the house. I know you are thinking "my god why would I want words scrawled across my booty" and you would be right, I wouldn't. There are plenty of things in that section that wont have you looking like you are twelve. There are some print free super cute sleep shorts and capris, there are also great tanks and baby soft graphic tees that are perfect for summer mornings on the veranda with your coffee, or summer evenings curled up with a great book or movie. The key to PINK is fun, and I don't know about you but I am not at all ready to wear an old school nightgown to bed. I am nobody's grandma.

The best thing about PINK is that this week their panties are 5 for $25! Some are even less that that. How can you pass up the opportunity to wiggle your fanny into $5 draws? Go check out PINK online or at your favorite Vickie's.

Oh wait but lets not get ahead of ourselves. This is a beauty blog, and we have you running around in your cute new stuff without something to spritz, rub, or glide on for some extra summer pretty. Ladies why did no one tell me about Beauty Rush?

Beauty Rush, (yes I am probably the last to know) is Victoria's Secret's deliciously scented line of beauty and body care. I seriously spent a good 20 minutes trying to decide which decadent scent was best on me. I finally settled on Slice of Heaven which is described as "Sugary, Vanilla Cake". It all makes perfect sense now. Everyone knows I am completely incapable of turning down all things Cake related!

There are so many different fruity and delicious scents to choose from, I was starting to think I would never decide, until I realized that they are all on sale this week! They are all two for $18 online and in store. That means you can get Body Glimmer Wash and Body Drink Lotion for $18, or you can get the Body Double Mist with Zing Moisture Gel for $18 bucks! Or you can be greedy like me an get the entire line, two Beauty Rush Lip Glosses (on sale 2 for $10), and two Luminous Eye Shadows (2 for $10), and walk out very cute and very broke.

I couldn't figure out when the sale ends but my guess is soon, so run or type really fast and get to Victoria's secret and partake in the Semi Annual Sale, and meet me on the veranda for coffee and biscotti, my treat!

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Jamie@City-itis said...

I love that f$cking sale!!!