Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday Couture

While on my rounds Saturday afternoon decided to call themakeupgirl. We were discussing a gift for my best buddy Dia's 30th birthday party that evening. When I asked Dia what she wanted for the big 30 she said one word...Makeup. Of course you know that is just what I wanted to hear and I set out for my favorite store MAC. Talking to themakeupgirl on the way she spotted something new on MAC's website and you know I love me some new!

MAC Couture is their latest line of cosmetics which includes four rich new lipsticks, four beautiful new lipglasses, highlighter and sheer powder. The collection also includes a new buffer brush and a stylish little clutch, each with its own signature MAC Couture style.

I immediately decided to try on a few of the lipglasses, and this time I didn't get one of the bored children helping me. This artist was a true MAC addict and happy to help me with my test run. I settled on Prestigious with tones of plum and gold and Savoir Faire a sparkling Carmel with tones of gold and pearl. I paired Prestigious with Cedar lipliner and the results were beautiful, however a touch too pinky for my taste, I later combined it with a little red gloss for phenomenal results. Savoir Faire I paired with a Cork liner. It was an instant favorite that drew the attention of another artist who proclaimed my new lipglass to be fierce. Both shades were weightless and soft with tons of shine, perfect over your favorite lipstick or fabulous alone. Of course I left with both, I am such a sucker for a pretty new product.

I wasn't able to try out the highlighters or the Sheer Mystery Powder as I was late for a very important party, but I will be back to sample both. My artist was wearing the Couture Richmetal Highlighter in Rare and Refined a beautiful rose gold. She looked absolutely flawless. If you want these new goodies ladies you need to hurry because they are all limited edition and once they are gone they will not return. These would make a fabulous gift for yourself or a friend, so what are you waiting on go now!


themakeupgirl said...

I need Savoir Faire in my LIIIFFEEE!!!

Nichelle said...

I could use a little Savoir Faire myself...