Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This Next

I just got an email from Kristopher Dukes of This Next "The Blog" fame alerting me to the inclusion of 99 Products review of Lorac's holiday eye palettes! This week just keeps getting better I tell ya.

For those that don’t know, This Next is a shopcasting network where you can discover, recommend and share things you love. These are real product recommendations from the real people who have tried, tested and loved them. This Next is all about the consumer and don’t we all just love that? I know I feel so much better about a product when I can get a first hand, unbiased account from a real consumer. Sometimes that makes all the difference when it comes to parting with my cash.

So check out This Next, and happy holiday shopping!

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Ooh la love, thank so much for the love, love.

Cannot wait to see you around ThisNext.

Get your happy holidays on.