Friday, October 27, 2006

I've Joined The Ranks

Welcome to 99 Products!

The title is of course inspired by both JayZ and one of my favorite bloggers Melissa from RWNO who posted a while back about how many products she uses in the course of a day. I think its funny that we all use so many things and dont even know it. I am sure if you thought about it you would be wearing quite a few too.

This is the rundown of my product count for today

Bath & Body Works Gardenia Body Wash & Lotion
Shea Butter Beautiful in Rose & Cinnamon - its getting cold out there ladies lets keep it ash free!
Ojon before I flat ironed my hair
Philosophy Pure Grace perfume
Cetaphil moisturizer & MAC Studio Fix Moisturizer - Why two? The Cetaphil has SPF, the MAC is great for my makeup application.
MAC Select Cover Up in NC-35
MAC Studio Fix in C6 - Dont forget to switch out your foundations for winter ladies!
MAC Bronzer in Golden
MAC Lip Conditioner in Beige
MAC Lip Liner in Cork
MAC Lipstick in "O"
MAC Plushglass in Wet Wild & Wonderful - Perfect fall lipgloss
Covergirl LashExact in Very Black

Usually its much more than that, but today is casual friday so I dont need to go all out.

I felt so divided over at Avin's Day that I decided to start my own products blog. I feel better about my loyalties now and how best to keep the products folks happy so this is where I will start so enjoy!


Anonymous said...


rebelleBAP said...

Great title!!

Can't wait to see what you will be talking about!


Anonymous said...

i'm a reader already!.. i agree, great title!

Avin said...

Thank you ladies, I hope I can do you proud. There is just now way I could own all these products and not share what I know. I just got some new stuff so I am ready to dish.

Julia said...

Avin, you inspired me to do one of my own. It's lengthy, but it sounded like so much fun.

Carla said...

I love your title too. That's one of my favorite songs. :)

Megan said...

Another Important product, OXY acne solutions!! NBC's The Today show just aired a segment on acne solutions, in which it compared ProActiv, OXY, and prescription. Basically, OXY (or over the counter) works just as well as ProActiv, and is 1/10 of the prics!!!

Check out the video for yourself:

Avin said...

Thanks Megan, I think its great to know that their are some affordable options for ladies with "not so perfect" skin. Thanks for the tip!

Brava said...


Inspired by you, Julia from All About the Pretty and by Lianne from The Makeup Bag, I created my own list on Bravadora. I hope you get the chance to check it out. I had alot of fun reading everyone's posts and writing my own!

Avin said...


Girl you betta plug that blog! Where is the URL? I am dying to read your list.