Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Aid Your Nails

I know I typically dont post very much about nail care, but I do actually care about it and think that its a part of everyday beauty. I however decided that for my best friend's wedding back in August that I would get acrylic tips. What a royal mistake for my poor little nails. They were so thin and brittle after I removed the acrylic nails, and I feared they would never get back to their original beauty.

I decided that I would try out some new products for my nails because I couldnt even get nailpolish to stay on them after the acrylic debacle. I started using Nail-aid nail products to try to get them back to their old selves.
I used their Grow Tougher formula for think weak nails for several weeks and noticed a considerable change in the way my nails looked and felt. Though I still had to grow out the weaker areas it helped to keep the nails that I did have strong enough to withstand my daily duties.

I also tried out the Clear Liquid Bandage for broken nail repair. Think of it like a thin brush on glue that dries quickly and never needs buffing. That was actually wonderful, especially since it seemed like every time they would grow a little I would get a break in the corner.

They also have a great Cuticle Cure that softens dry cracked cuticles and you know that this time of year its imperitave that you keep those cuticles smooth. The weather change usually ruins my nailbeds but this year I can confidently use my Cuticle Cure to keep them beautiful.

All of nail-aid's formulas are Formaldehyde and Tolune free which I think is wonderful and they provide a 100% guarantee on every product they make. I figure that you can't possibly go wrong with that.

So now that winter is officially here, my nails are beautiful strong and protected. Each product is only $6.50 and they offer seven great formulas and free shipping on their website. Check it out for yourself, your nails will thank you.


Anonymous said...

If i read this correctly ''I removed the acryilic nails''...that would probably be the reason for your nails being in a mess.

Improper removal is the number one cause of wrecked with acrylic nails. If they are removed with proper chemicals then there should be no damage as no stress will be put on your nails. The only other reason would be that the nail technician is not actually qualified (many arent)and/or the salon uses MMA.

Avin said...

You read correctly. I soaked off the acrylic tips after a week, however I had really long strong nails before the acrylics went on, but I broke two of them and wanted a more even uniform look for the wedding. I was not used to their condition afterward. Perhaps it was the acetone I used to soak them off, or the person and appliances used to put them on, but I know one thing, I wont be getting them again.

Anonymous said...

Your nails were probably damaged from the sanding involved in putting them on. Everytime they sand them they get weak..removing a layer of your nail.