Sunday, October 28, 2007

Beauty Weekend

This weekend a few of my friends came to town for one of my best buddies birthday. Its always a great time when we get together and especially when we have something to celebrate. We truly eat, drink and be merry when we visit, but the one thing that we always do is trade beauty rituals. These ladies are all different, with different tastes in cosmetics, fragrance and styles but there is one thing we can all agree on, and that's Sephora.

When last we were all together we spent so much time in Sephora I thought they might actually put us all out of there. They didn't, but we were everywhere in that store. Jae was all over the fragrance section, Lucy was having a ball with the lip glosses. Pep and I spent an unreasonable amount of time checking out the mascara and eye shadows, and Dot was enjoying everything in the bath and body section. We all left with full bags and big smiles.

This weekend they all came over to spend some quality time with me and my mom but it wasn't long before we started digging in our bags and checking out what was new and hot for fall. I had the opportunity to let the girls give two new fragrances a test run. The new men's and women's Diesel Fuel For Life fragrances.

I believe that perfume can be so different on the skin than it is in the bottle, and while some fragrances really come to life on some, they can really fall flat on others. We started with the women's scent which comes in a beautiful oval shaped bottle with a unique crocheted cover. Its girly without being over the top, and everyone agreed it was a very cool marketing technique.

Diesel Fuel For Life por femme is a very light fragrance that bears a slightly oriental introduction with a more fragrant citrus top note. This of course was right up Jae's alley. She took to the scent immediately and it was a definite match for her body chemistry. We agreed that while it was clearly a citrus scent, it reminded us slightly of Clinique's Happy but a little more complex. Not quite as sweet but definitely as wearable.

We also tried out the men's fragrance which also has a great package. Its covered in a ultra masculine distressed leather pouch. We were all really feeling how they chose to present both fragrances. Now, I know that may sound strange to some of you, but I love to test out men's fragrance not just for the special man in my life but for myself. The girls all agreed that Diesel por homme was an amazing scent.

Deep and sensual without being strong or overpowering. In fact, one of my favorite men's fragrances that works so well as a woman's perfume is Prada por homme. Its beautiful, and I still cant figure out why it is so much more floral than the women's Prada fragrance. I wont be wearing Diesel por homme, but it is a great scent for men.

I would highly recommend testing them both out. I know that citrus fragrances aren't for everyone but its worth going to check out. The men's fragrance seemed wonderful for just about any guy, but you know that body chemistry rule applies to men too.

Of course you can go visit our favorite fragrance outpost to sample both. Sephora has them online if you are sure you want to just snatch them up, and of course in the store because you might want to buy some other stuff while you are there of course.