Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cool Weather and Beautiful Colors

So as fall approaches I find myself tasked with changing over my cosmetics from Summer to Fall. I am actually very excited about this because I am just dying to try out some of the hot new fall colors. Of course my favorite company is one step ahead with their new fall collections.

The first is Blue Storm, containing the most beautiful deep blues, grays and shimmering silvers. Each color more complementary than the last ushers in fall with cool elegance. There are three new Tinted Lipglasses to choose from, two of which incorporate fall's new "it" color purple.

There are also five great new shadows that I adore. Ladies do not be afraid to incorporate blue shadows into your look. This isn't 1980 and you aren't trying to match your eyes with your acid washed denim. Its all about the blending, highlighting and sheer beauty of working a great fall shadow.

Also there are two new eye pencils in Feline, a chrome pearl black that glides on easy and soft and Mystery, a luxurious teal with a pearl finish and two new nail lacquers in Whirlwind and Rainy Day.

The other must have collection for fall is Smoke Signals. I was in my MAC store the other day and saw what a hit this collection has become. This year's new eyeshadow quads are extraordinary. They have managed to incorporate the beautiful smokey tones, and rich colors of fall into two stand out pallets. The first, Gentle Fume works four cool tones in subtle grays and blues, while Smoking Eyes incorporates fall's warm glow with beautiful neutrals.

There are 5 new Lipsticks in warm coral's, creamy neutrals, with stunning pearl finishes. They are guaranteed to be fabulous for fall as well as the four new Lipglasses in complementary tones. These you can wear with your favorite Smoke Signal Lipstick or with a liner. I am partial to Bare Truth with a Cork pencil and its creamy Carmel finish is just perfect for a great day look.

There are several other items in the collection that are definitely worth a look. Two great powder blushes, and two new powder eye pencils that I had to wrestle away from my best friend. There are three new pigments, but of course my favorite is the aubergine influenced Smoke Signal which goes so well with my pretty new knit dress and two new nail lacquers that I immediately tried out. Wild Fire which is a gorgeous deep plummy black and Nocturnelle, a high gloss deep black polish that falls right in line with fall. I love a great dark nail color as the weather gets cooler.

Of course you know I am going to tell you that these collections are only going to stick around for a little while. So go fill your fall makeup bag fast.

You can find both collections online or at your favorite MAC store or counter.

What are you waiting for? Fall is here honey, don't you dare wait.


Rasa Malaysia said...

Found you through Glam. I love those eye shadows. I am desperately in need of a makeover. I am sick of all the cosmetics that I have "accumulated" over the years! ;)

Christine said...

I really like these smokey colors and looking for some new shades. These look like the perfect colors!