Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Best Styling Iron EVER!!

I use a lot of things on my hair, and I gotta tell you most of it isn't good. I am always complaining that it wont grow fast enough or that it looks pretty dry or just lacks that oompfh that ever girl loves. Its my fault, and I know this. My hair is only as good as I treat it and frankly I treat it awful. Its already a curly monster that I beat into submission every day with various heated appliances.

I have issues with sleeping with my hair wrapped up or tied down in any way, which contributes to a ton of my hair woes. So every morning I have to get up and straighten out what looks like a jungle of curls and fly aways. Some mornings I just cant deal with the daily straightening and curling and I coat it with some curl product and run to the office. I don't mind it curly but I prefer it straight and days I think my hair cant handle my straightening addiction. Too much heat is the enemy ladies and bad heat is by far the worst.

After almost a year of reading personal accounts and reviews on of different styling irons. When styling irons became popular a few years ago I rushed out and bought a mid-priced ceramic styler. It straightened as much as it burned but I just kept using it, thinking I just needed to be more careful. I got fed up after a particularly bad singeing and tossed it.

I was ready for something new, something that wouldn't leave me half bald and pissed off and then my prayers were answered. Sedu who I have realized to be one of the top names in straightening and styling rolled out their brand new Sedu Revolution Professional Nano Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron and you know I had to have one.

I am truly in love with this iron. The plates are infused with Tourmaline which releases negative ions and seals moisture into the hair's cuticle. It gently glides through my hair leaving it both shiny and straight and not at all singed. In fact, I control the amount of heat my hair needs. There is no 1,2, or 3 setting here ladies. You get the real temperatures and everything in between.

Most of us don't have the same texture hair all over our heads anyway, so isn't is great to be able to switch the dial. Less heat for fragile bangs, or more heat for thicker wavier strands in the back. I just love the plates curved edges but I also love how versatile it is. Yeah, I bet you thought this thing only straightened right? Guess again.

I have been using it for two solid weeks now and I have yet to run out of new styles. I can go from curly to silky in less than 15 minutes. There is nothing this iron cant handle. You want curls? Sedu's got you. Just twirl small sections of hair around the iron for bouncy beautiful curls. You want it flippy? Go for it! Its super easy. You want big waves? Its all possible with the Sedu Revolution Professional Nano Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron.

I know you are thinking all that heat cant be good for my hair and you are right, so I use Sedu's Moisturizing Protecting Boost. Its a leave in protectant that wont weigh your hair down and locks in moisture with just a few quick sprays.

So, now you want to know what it costs right? Well, I won't take you to Olive Garden and call it Italy okay, the iron isn't cheap and frankly you wouldn't want it to be. Didn't you read my account of the hair frying incident??? Mid priced is gonna get you medium results and possibly fried ends. The Sedu is a steal at $129.00 for a 1' styler at and frankly it is worth every penny. Don't believe me? Check out some of the reviews of the iron posted at I guarantee you wont be disappointed by this iron in any way shape or form.

You can get the iron, the Protecting Boost and your money's worth right there at

Hurry, stop burning out your hair already!


Robyn said...

I recently lost my flat iron (I really have no clue where it is!) and I was looking to invest in a really nice one, so I decided to order this. There were a ton of great reviews on Amazon as well for it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Avin said...

Robyn, you've made a good choice. I am seriously in love with it, I dont know how I existed without it.

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