Friday, December 15, 2006

Skin MD The Return

So my week long experiment with Skin MD Natural is over and I have to say that my skin seems much improved by it. My mother is already a believer and refuses to return the bottle to me, but thats another story entirely. She really appreciates its shielding properties with the constant handwashing. She even used it on her face which I was super surprized about. My mother is pretty nervous about putting things on her face, but she said that it left her skin feeling both soft and firm.

I basically had to wrestle it away from her for the remainder of the week. I used it on the one place I knew would be the true test of any moisturizer's claims, my ankles. Sure I used it all over when I got out of the shower, but I have had severe issues with trying to keep my ankles looking moisturized. I wear trouser socks too, so that helps soak up my lotions as well. I am pleased to report that not only did Skin MD Natural keep my whole body soft and pretty, but they werent dry when I got home. In fact they are still ash free and beautiful right now, and as soon as I get that bottle back from my mom I will re-apply...but who knows when I that will happen.

Anyway, If it wasnt clear before you should absolutly get some Skin MD Natural and enjoy your first winter without dryness. 25$ at